Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Autism, Epilepsy and Self-Injurious Behavior: A Reality Based Autism Blog You Should Read

I have recently added a new blog to the "Autism Reality Favorites" section of my sidebar. Autism, Epilepsy and Self-Injurious Behavior is authored by Kim Oakley whose videos about her autistic son also provide an honest portrayal of the very serious challenges autism disorders present to severely autistic children and adults.  This is not the feel good "autism is just  a different way of thinking" of Dr. Laurent Mottron,  Estée Klar or Ari Ne'eman. I strongly encourage anyone with a serious interest in autism disorders, especially parents of newly diagnosed autistic children and public policy makers whose decisions affect the availability of public services for autism to check out Autism, Epilepsy and Self-Injurious Behavior.  While you are there follow some of the links to the videos Kim Oakley has posted with their honest portrayal of serious autism self injury issues.


Kelsi said...

Checkin' it out now... sounds right up my ally! My son was just diagnosed with Aspergers (he has extreme behaviors) and his neuro suspects his seizures may be epilepsy. I'm definitely following, come say hi at

Autism Mom said...

It would appear that Mrs Oakley's blog has been hi-jacked. The last link from Blogger on Google takes you to a page full of links to advertisers. The link on this post also takes you to the same page. I doubt she is aware of this. I will try to notify her on her YouTube channel.

Anonymous said...

This brought me to tears. It could be our family. More needs to be done. The autism community needs to educate people that autism is many things. It is NOT just a "different way of thinking". If it were, my son wouldn't have had an identical experience on Ativan at the hospital. We are our kids only advocates and I will always be my son