Monday, April 18, 2011

Fredericton Election 2011 Candidates Autism Tweet Replies

 Legislature, Fredericton, New Brunswick 

A. I tweeted the following question to the 4 Election 2011 party candidates in the Fredericton NB riding:
“Will U support inclusion of #autism treatment in #medicare?”
B. The tweeted responses:
NDP – Jesse Travis: I will support the inclusion of treatment in Medicare, it’s the right thing to do
Green – Louise Comeau: platform not specific but believe we would support.
Liberal – Randy McKeen: While healthcare is a provincial responsibility, the federal govt has a vital role to play on #autism. we bring prov together, set goals & find innovative ways 2 deliver services. #Autism should b part of that. Committed to continuing to increase healthcare transfer funding to provinces by 6% after 2014 And we’ll implement an early child learn strategy that will put specialized care towards children w #autism
Conservative – Keith Ashfield:Respecting fed/prov Healthcare jurisdictions, we hve ^ Transfers to the provinces by 30% + committed to ^s at same rate 1/3
we invested $26M in autism knowledge research + Public Health Agency is working w Provs to identify needs. 2/3
my #cpc colleague, who’s son has autism, helps bring the needs of families with autistic children to the forefront 3/3

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Claire said...

This is serious business, I know, but, ya gotta love those answers/not answers. Gotta hand it to the NDP. Straight question, straight answer.