Sunday, February 01, 2009

ASAN Neurodiversity Media Center Argues AGAINST Autism Research

Dora Raymaker at the ASAN Neurodiversity Media Center, at, now argues against funding of autism research by the NIH in her January 31, 2009 comment NIH Funding: Too Much for Autism?. This person with a high functioning autism disorder argues that research has done nothing to help autistic people and the money could be better spent elsewhere.

That line of thought is perfectly consistent with the ASAN reps who misleadingly declare to the world on behalf of all persons with autism disorders that "WE" don't want to be cured. If there is no further research then, of course, a cure will not be found.

Apparently is perfectly comfortable with the regressive ASAN/Neurodiversity group which opposes the universally recognized rights of children to receive treatment and therapy to help them overcome their medical conditions and function to the fullest extent possible in their home societies.

On its alleged Autism page is now regressive

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John Best said...

Do you think the majority of parents understand how devious these people are?

This kid Ne'eman is just Amanda Baggs without the LSD.

Claire said...

Kathie Snow on her "Disability is Natural" site has an article entitled "21st Century Eugenics"...She has strict "you can't copy" rules, so I can't put anything she says in here. In any case, she compares attempts at "cure and treatment" of Down's and autism to Hitler's eugenics program to kill Jews. Though I understand the questionable issue of pregnancy testing regarding these conditions, the rest of the article is just plain spin...I find it sad that we have to fight our own the hardest to get respect for treatment. At some point it seems we've come full circle the wrong way...deny disability by shutting everyone away in an institution right over to deny anyone has a disability by pretending everything is just hunky dory. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your site.
Keep up the good work.
Sites like and are shallow and superficial.
I see a load of what I call "cut + pasters".
These folks like to play scientist by posting endless links that support their position.I
If you argue any of their points they will censor the writer especially if you get them with logic.
One of my favorite questions to post is "So? What does cause Autism?
They go into a tizzy and will remove or restrict my comments.
I advise all thinking parents of a child on the spectrum to run away fast from these wackos.
They offer nothing but negativity. I'm sure they all read the same pamphlet.

Unknown said...

Claire and Anonymous 8:11 AM

I believe that the anti-treatment views of the ASAN and Neurodiversity reps are in contravention of the United Nations recognized rights of autistic children to medical treatment for their conditions.

Anonymous said...

ITA Harold.

I have to wonder what they are thinking at = NOT the "change" that our children need!