Friday, February 27, 2009

President Obama Requests Autism Research Dollars, Let's Hope Some Is for Environmental Autism Research

President Barack Obama has requested $211 million as part of the Department of Health and Human Services budget for autism research and services. Let's hope a substantial portion of the research is directed towards environmental research, including possible vaccine causes, and for treatments. The "it's gotta be genetic model" of autism research funding identified by Teresa Binstock in 1999 has ignored the environmental component of autism causation referenced on several occasions by Simon Baron Cohen. The notion that this complex condition is entirely genetic was never evidence based.

Hopefully President Obama will not let the IACC continue its shenanigans. Hopefully he will ensure that funding is set aside out for vaccine autism research as recommended by Dr. duane Alexander, Dr Bernadine Healy and Dr Julie Gerberding amongst others AND FOR ALL OTHER appropriate environmental autism research.

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shakingsystem said...

Hope,Change,and a better tomorrow is what Obama has been promising the American people throughout his campaign.Hopefully these promises will spill over into environmental research. If we're really lucky, maybe some of Obama's positive efforts may entice our Canadian governmnent to prioritize autism research. Unfortunately, autism research is not the number one priority ,and has been forever placed on the backburner.

Research must be prioritized:

-in mitochondrial damage/dysfunction

-Autism connection to environmental toxins

-Autism connection to Nutrition

_Autism and the Vaccination connection (frequency and effect on multiple vaccines given as a single dose)

Research and studies to the above connections to autism may also uncover cures to cancer,diabetes,

Restoring children's health and getting them on a path of wellness and progression is undeniably a priceless feat.

TannersDad said...

I am about at wits end...
Can anyone explain why the media ignored the Bailey Banks Autism Vaccine decision?

Sell out, Sell Drugs, or Cash In... A father at wits end. Autism hurts.

I read your posts everyday. Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

i think its a good idea that he is requesting for autism research dollar. it would definitely help us in understanding autism better.