Friday, February 27, 2009

Conor and Mom Check Out the 7:10 Sun

Conor and Mom check out the 7:10 Sun. Mom is the "less tall" of the two :-)

The light in the window in the bottom pic is not the sun, it is the flash from my camera.

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shakingsystem said...

It's pouring rain in Montreal.Hoping that March break,will give a chance for the kids to relax and have fun.Hope the weather is not too cold in New-Brunswick.

Conor is such a tall young man. Any special forthcoming plans on the agenda for March break? Good time to have some quality family time.Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hello shakingsystem

Today was perfect in NB, sunny, mild, a bit of the snow from Sunday-Monday storm melting all day.

No special plans for March break. Just relax as much as possible.

Yeah Conor is long and lanky, now about 5' 10" and just turned 13. Yikes.