Monday, February 02, 2009

Community Activist and Autism Community Friend David Marley for West Vancouver-Capilano MLA!

Community activist, and staunch friend of Canada's autism community, David Marley, is running as an Independent candidate for West Vancouver-Capilano MLA in the BC election May 12, 2009. He will be a guest today on CKNW's Bill Good Show immediately following the 9 am (local time) news.

David is a dedicated community activist who backs up his principles with outstanding organizational ability and formidable advocacy skills. I know nothing of the West Vancouver-Capilano riding or the other candidates but I know they are in for a real scrap with Marley running, a candidate with a strong commitment to community causes.

I met David at the FEAT BC visit to Halifax (above left) in May, 2007 and again in Toronto and Oakville (above right) for the Medicare for Autism Now campaign. David's organizational savvy and advocacy skills have helped autism advocates keep autism alive as a federal issue despite Prime Minister Stephen Harper's determination to exclude it from federal attention.

I hope the good people of of West Vancouver-Capilano don't mind this New Brunswicker offering my two cents worth. I would have "endorsed" David Marley as a candidate solely because of the assistance he has given to autism advocates in Canada. Having participated actively with David in the Ontario leg of the Medicare for Autism Now campaign I have seen first hand the outstanding skills, effort and commitment he brings to the causes and the people he supports.

I give David the highest marks I can give to a politician by saying he is a real scrapper. If the people of West Vancouver-Capilano want a scrapper in their corner I recommend they vote for David Marley.

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Christine said...

I to have had the delight of meeting David at two Medicare for Autism rallies in Ontario. He will be an invaluable advocate in our corner. My wish is the people of West Vancouver-Capilano give David their support. It is in their best interest to have an equal minded Canadian with a wealth of political knowledge in their corner. I wish David the best of luck. I agree the other candidates have a real scrapper to contend with and no easy feat of debating against. GO DAVID GO! This autism parent and equal minded Canadian is behind you 100%. What a great day this is!