Friday, February 20, 2009

Conor In The Gym at Nashwaaksis Middle School

Yesterday was Conor's birthday.

It was also a day Dad visited the school gym to see Conor having some fun. Education Aide Brad Daniels does excellent work with Conor, in the study room, and in the gym. In these two videos Conor is shooting baskets and shooting on the net with Brad as the goalie.

If you play these videos you will hear a very loud echo and lots of childrens' voices. Conor can be upset by sounds but he has adjusted very well to the echos and noises in the gym. I recorded these videos in short clips with care to avoid recording any other children but there were many other students running by and playing various sports in the large fieldhouse gym.

I could see Conor paying attention to the activities of the other children and asked Brad about Conor's interest in them. Brad also informed me that the other kids show interest in Conor and ask him to join them on occasion. In addition to the gym where Conor goes daily he gets to swim in the school's Olympic size swimming pool twice a week.

Conor is very fortunate to attend Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton. It has outstanding physical ... and human resources.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Conor! Hope your birthday was a great one!

My daughter turned six years old last Friday the 13th; so that makes two Aquarian kiddos with autism I now know :) For the first time in her life she realized it was her birthday and blew out her candles. Pretty cool. She actually opened her gifts whereas last year she didn't even get the concept.

shakingsystem said...

This truly is a great educational model that may serve as a lesson,to teach others a proper educational setting with positive support, can only enhance and bring out the best in every child.

Conor is fortunate to have a great educational support system and wonderful parents.

Unknown said...

Hope your daughter had a great birthday navywifeandmom.

Thanks for your kind words shakingsystem.