Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NB Election 2006, Autism and Brad Green

I was happy to see the Liberal Party win last night. For me this was a one issue campaign. The Liberals made a solid commitment to educating autistic students by training 100 TA's and Resource teachers a year for 4 years. Neither the Conservatives nor the NDP made any commitment to improve the life of autistic children or adults. The NDP did not even demonstrate any real awareness of the autism community or the needs of autistic children and adults. The victory of the Shawn Graham led Liberal party is a big win for autistic persons in New Brunswick.

All that being said, I had mixed feelings about the defeat of Brad Green in the Fredericton-Silverwood riding. Mr. Green was only Health Minister a short time before he committed to the funding of a dedicated autism team at the Stan Cassidy Centre. His decisive action will benefit many autistic children, saving some from serious self injurious and even life threatening behaviour. I thank you for that decisive action Mr. Green.


TheBlueBlogger said...

I hate spammers... Anyway, as promised I have posted your reply to the Blue Blogger website. I look forward to learning more on the issue of Autism and I commit to you that I will push our local MLA's to hold the Libs accountable for their promise.

I have nothing but respect for people who organized and push issues that are near and dear to their hearts.

Unknown said...

Thank you blue blogger. Support from every corner is appreciated.

Harold Doherty

Anonymous said...

Let us hear your opinion of Brad Greens continual blocking of a full inquiry into the horrid affairs of the youth of Kingsclear?

Unknown said...

To anonymous, 5:15

My post was specific to autism issues in the 2006 election. This blogsite is also specific to autism. It is not intended, as a general rule, to be a forum for discussion of other issues or a place for anonymous venting about public figures unless the venting relates to autism issues.

If you have a blog site, or a web site, in which you have posted information about Mr. Green and the blocking of inquiries into the Kinsclear abuses please provide a link and I would be happy to read your opinion and information on the subject at that location. If not, I ask you to please respect the theme of this forum and offer your comments on autism related issues.

On the subject of the post do you disagree that, as Health Minister, Mr. Green's decision to fund an autism specific team at the Stan Cassidy Center will be of great benefit to many autistic children?