Saturday, September 09, 2006

Autism Exodus - Why Autism Is A National Issue

There is currently a cross Canada campaign to have the national Health Care Act amended to require provinces to treat autism. Opponents of the campaign say that health care is a matter within provincial jurisdictionl; not a national concern. They are right that health care falls within provincial constitutional jurisdiction. But they are wrong when they say it is not a national concern.

Because of differences in how the provinces fund autism treatment some families of autistic children are migrating to Alberta which is able to fund autism treatment. Federal politicians who don't see the national implications of the need to properly fund and treat autistic children everywhere in Canada should know that in the Canadian military a soldier is entitled to refuse posting to New Brunswick if the soldier has an autistic child on the grounds that proper treatment is not available in this province. A recent story in the Kapuskasing Northern Times tells of a Northern Ontario family with an autistic child moving to Alberta to seek better treatment available for their child. Federal Politicians please take note.

Kapuskasing Northern Times - August 30, 2006

Autism Exodus

Family Alberta-bound to seek better treatment for their daughter

The great Oil Patch Exodus has thousands of Canadians relocating to the booming economy of Alberta hoping for a better life.

But there is a silent exodus to the centre of the country for another reason as well, one that has gotten little press. It is an exodus based on autism and it is affecting a Kapuskasing family.

"It's a shame government inaction is breaking up a family", Denise Audet says. Her daughter Sylvie's family is heading for Alberta to seek better treatment for their autistic daughter Gabrielle.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard this sort of thing many times. Personally, I know of 2 military families who decided NOT to transfer to New Brunswick. After speaking with them about their family sercies for their autistic was better not to come to NB. Bottom line is there will be families move away from NB for treatment and there will be families not come to NB as they have better treatment elsewhere.

Dawn Bowie