Saturday, September 16, 2006

Memorable Team Lord Autism Comments

Team Lord has made some memorable though discouraging comments about autism over the past 7 years. Here are some of the more notorious:

Elvy Robichaud - "I have enough on my plate right now'

"I don't have a government position on it yet … I have enough on my plate right now as health minister with regional health authorities, introducing nurse practitioner legislation and community health centres. . . . There's only so much we can do every day." - SJ Telegraph Journal, A1, Aug 28 2002

Then Health Minister Elvy Robichaud, the lead minister on the Interdepartmental Commitee (health, education, family services) that issued a report in November 2001, explaining why he had not read the report 10 months later.

Tony Huntjens - "Nothing is lost"

"Nothing is lost. Remember if you don't spend it, it doesn't mean the money is lost. It (just) means you haven't spent it and you can use it for other health care services that are necessary" - Daily Gleaner, A2, Oct 21 2003

Then Family & Community Services Minister Huntjens, who had replaced Health Minister Robichaud as lead minister on implementing the IDC autism report recommendations, commenting on the fact that more than 6 months after funding for the autism programs had been announced none of the monies had yet been spent on implementing the programs.

Bernard Lord - "You do not have to follow me eveywhere"

Or his handlers keeping at a 50feet distance between Mr. Lord and certain mothers.

I forgot about this incident until reminded by " A Friend" in the comment section. In the 2003 election campaign a group of us "autism parent advocates" attended at Conservative Eric McKenzie's campaign headquarters on Regent Street. I brought my then 7 year old autistic son Conor with me and he entertained everyone inside by running his hand through the Tory Blue icing on the large cake in the center of the room. The ladies seated around the room were amused. Security were not but made no move towards me or my son, Conor. Outside I waited with Conor on the sidewalk leading up to the entrance. When Bernard Lord arrived he stopped and said hello to Conor whose bright yellow tee shirt was covered in Tory Blue icing. I introduced him to Mr Lord as "my autistic son Conor", chatted with some of the ladies who were genuinely entertained by and interested in talking about Conor. I saw Jody Carr on his cell phone making what appeared to be a frantic call. Later I learned that one of our parent advocates, a mother and registered nurse, who was present at the next stop at Oromocto campaign headquarters for Jody Carr, was prevented from approaching within 50 feet of the Premier by his assistant Mr Kevin Price. I believe the "you do not have to follow me evereywhere" comment was made at a different campaign stop to another of our parent autism advocates.


Anonymous said...

What about Lord saying to mothers:
"You do not have to follow me eveywhere"

Or his handlers keeping at a 50feet distance between Mr. Lord and certain mothers.

Unknown said...

A FRIEND, I had forgotten about that incident and Lord's comment but have added it to the memorable comments list.

Anonymous said...

I am that mother that was threatened by Kevin I matter of fact I was threatened with arrest if I came within 50 feet of the Premier. Oh it was a memorable moment indeed, especially since I was just standing there with no signs or other items of intimidation. So much for democracy....