Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lord, Brewer Ignore 4000 Autistic New Brunswickers

There are an estimated 4000 persons in New Brunswick with a condition on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders. These people are in desperate need of effective evidence based early intervention, real educational opportunities and decent residential care provided by professionally trained caregivers in centres accessible to their family members. The Liberal platform at least mentions autism in promising to implement the seriously outdated (2001) Interdepartmental Committee report on the delivery of autism services and the fundamentally flawed MacKay Inclusion Report recommendations. Neither the NDP under the leadership of Allison Brewer nor Team Lord have even mentioned anything remotely connected to the issues confronting the community of 4000 autistic New Brunswickers, their families and caregivers. It appears that in the Lord and Brewer scheme of things autistic children and adults are simply not worth mentioning.

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