Saturday, September 23, 2006

Canada Autism Petition

In a previous post I commented on the Autism Exodus in Canada. Some families with autistic children are moving to Alberta which has the money to fund autism treatment. The Autism Exodus highlights the need to develop a national autism strategy. In New Brunswick Fredericton MP Andy Scott has been working hard to do just that. The following is the web site for the Canada Autism Petition which is an attempt to ensure medicare coverage for autism treatment across Canada.



This site is dedicated to the thousands across Canada who are living with the difficulties of autism. Autism is a medical condition and science based, highly effective treatment exists. And yet across our great country provincial and federal governments have steadfastly refused to allow these people to access to our 'universal' health care system for their treatment needs.

For people living with autism the only thing that is universal about our national health care system is that they are universally excluded. And while parents and families fight to save the futures of their children, go bankrupt paying for treatment, collapse under the financial and personal pressures....governments do nothing but make it worse.

Please download a copy of our petition and have it filled out. Ask your MP to table it in the House of Commons. Tell them it is time for governments to stop the discrimination and give these people access to health care. Ask you MP to Support Bill C-211. This bill will amend the Canada Health Act and require provinces to fund treatment for autism.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of the elections in NB? Is it good news for autism community?

Unknown said...

The election is very good news for the autism community IMHO. Premier-elect Shawn Graham promised to train through the UNB-CEL autism program 100 TA's and Resource teachers each year for the next 4 years. This training is badly needed and will help autistic children get a real education in NB schools.