Friday, January 22, 2010

We Know Conor Will Stop Growing ... Some Day

We know Conor will stop growing ... some day.  Mom is 5' 7".  Even with Dad's ... er ... Conor's fine winter hat on you can see Mom is being left behind in the height department.  Next month Conor turns 14.  That's when kids are all finished growing ... right?

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Mark said...

i didn't stop growing until i was 21

Unknown said...

You're scaring me Mark.

Stranded said...

yeah thats what I heard about boys too...they grow way past 14 yrs old at least. That sure is a winter hat, not sure about the "fine" part.

Anonymous said...

LOL...not by a stretch my friend. The male species grow until 17 or 18yrs of age.
Justin will be 16 in 2 months and still stretching.