Sunday, April 05, 2015

Severe Autism With Intellectual Disability And Epilepsy Can Be Tough But It's Still a Wonderful World

My Son Conor Wore The Blue on World Autism Awareness Day
I understand some of the criticisms of the day and of thinking that
wearing a color in itself creates autism awareness but as long as people 
raise real autism awareness of the challenges of autism disorders and  the related 
conditions from which so many suffer including self injurious behavior, intellectual disability, epilepsy 
and depression;  that's all I look for and it is what I try to do  365 days a year.

Caring for, advocating for, fighting for my son with severe autism disorder, intellectual disability, tonic clonic seizures and life threatening adverse reactions to an ever changing seizure meds scheme will not bring me down. My son is worth every minute of my time and effort and at the end of each day I believe its a wonderful world and will do my best tomorrow to help my Conor enjoy it as much as I do.

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