Friday, April 24, 2015

Autism Society New Brunswick Meeting May 23 at 1 PM UNB Fredericton Tilley Hall Room 303

UNB Fredericton,  South Side Fredericton 

Tilley Hall, RH Side Looking Down Hill From 
Harriet Irving LibraryJust Pass Singer Hall

Tilley Hall Room 303

Saturday May 23, 2015, 1-4
1 - 3 Public Discussion Autism Services
3-4 ASNB Organizational Matters

Public Invitations: The following invitations have been sent to various political figures including government and key cabinet members,  party leaders, media and other persons who have shown interest in autism services in NB.

Date:       Saturday, May 23, 2015, 
Time:       1-3 PM public
Location:   UNB Fredericton, Tilley Hall, Room 303

The meeting will be open to the public for discussion from 1-3 pm and a meeting of ASNB from 3-4.
Public discussion will focus on:

1)  First on Adult autism care in NB and the need for an adult autism facility and network for residential care and treatment.  

2) Followed by public discussion of early autism intervention and school based services - room for improvement.
Who are we?

The ASNB is open to anyone in NB with an interest in autism and autism services.  Historically that has typically involved parents advocating for services for their children but has also included some adult autistic persons.

ASNB accomplishments:
1)  Advocated successfully for the establishment of NB's evidence based early autism intervention program, a program which was founded by UNB-CEL in both official languages and has received recognition by international experts like the Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

2) Advocated with moderate success for provision of autism trained Teacher/Education Aides & Resource teachers in NB schools. Training originally provided by UNB-CEL now provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

3) Advocated successfully for reversal of the decision to close the Stan Cassidy Centre Autism program for autistic children and youth requiring tertiary level intervention. 

4) Advocated unsuccessfully for adult autism specific  treatment and residential care facility and network. Our unsuccessful advocacy on adult care has been puzzling in light of monies spent to send some autistic adults out of the province at a cost of $300,000 per year per person in Spurwink Maine and to send others to the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Campbellton far from most families in south of the province. 

Introduction of the topics will be followed by discussion which is expected to be candid and courteous by all concerned.


Harold L Doherty
Acting President
Autism Society New Brunswick

 Anyone interested in autism services in New Brunswick is invited to attend. Invitations have been to political leaders on a non partisan basis.  If you wish to have your MLA attend feel free to extend to her or him an invitation.

Many thanks to Paul McDonnell for booking this location for our use, just one of the many contributions he has made to helping persons with autism and their families in NB.

Check this page for further updates from time to time.

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