Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear TPGA Autism Experts: Thanks For Advising Us to Love Our Autistic Son! If Only We Had Known Sooner!

During recent weeks the TPGA "autism experts", have done a great favor to children, like my son, who suffer from severe autism disorders.  The TPGA autism wizards told parents like me who speak candidly about the deficits that limit and impair his ability to function independently in this world that we are making "monsters" of ours and all autistic children. 

Our children's autism disorders, in the view of the humble yet brilliant autism experts are not really disorders, despite the title, despite the medical diagnoses that identified them as autistic. For our children's benefit we should learn to accept them as they are; autism and all.  

The wise and brilliant thinking persons of the TPGA have advised us to ....... love our children. ....... wish we had thought of that ourselves.  Maybe our Conor would have turned in to a warm, smiling and happy young man ..... like the Conor in these pictures.  

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