Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Autism Speaks Betrays Children, Adults With Severe Autism Disorders: Autism Speaks Blogger Calls Autism A Blessing

UPDATE NOTICE: Since this comment was published Autism Speaks has changed the title of the article I complained of from "Autism Diagnosis Is A Blessing In Disguise"     to   "Autism Diagnosis: An Unexpected Journey". Apparently the mother of a boy with autism who authored the blog comment in question also objected to the original title which was a creation of an Autism Speaks officer and done without her participation.  Nice to see that Autism Speaks will listen to some parents of autistic children even if they do still ignore persons with autism and intellectual disability,, their parents and family members, and the challenges they face together. (Thank you to Dasa Lessard for the UPDATE  Information)

Since my 17 year old son was diagnosed with autistic disorder and profound developmental delays (and more recently, like many who share those conditions, with epileptic seizures) little has been done to advance our knowledge of causes, to find treatments or cures for autism disorders.  In terms of our understanding of autism we have largely regressed in public understanding of autism disorders. 

There are some who talk about autism realistically but there are many who have adopted the perspective of some with very high functioning autism that autism is not a disorder after all.  It is very disheartening to see that Autism Speaks which has been dancing a long slow dance with the autism is a blessing Neurodiversity ideology has now fully consummated the relationship. You can read it for yourself on the Autism Speaks blog page under the title:  Autism Diagnosis Is A Blessing In Disguise written by a mother of a boy with high functioning autism. 

Autism Speaks has betrayed those with severe autism disorders and their families. 


jonathan said...

From an organization that awards Laurent Mottron a nearly half a million dollar grant, has John Robison on their scientific advisory board and has funded videos made by Alex Plank, this does not come as too much of a shock.

Anonymous said...

Our children are blessings (ok - maddening, but still: blessings) but the diagnosis is not. To maintain otherwise reveals that the "child" does not have ASD as I know it, or the parent is able to afford enough direct care and other supports that s/he is completely insulated from reality. Feh.