Thursday, July 25, 2013

Run Jump Fly Boy Is Back - Thank You Again DECH ICU!

A few months ago, Conor was lying unconscious  in a bed at the Intensive Care Unit of the Chalmers' Hospital (the DECH) with tubes running out of his body and hooked up to 10+ year old monitoring equipment.  Notwithstanding the age of the monitoring equipment the fantastic DECH ICU team brought Conor back to us without any restrictions or impairments.  Conor's recovery has been constant since his release and we are happy. Today on the trail Conor hit the final recovery benchmark with the return of our Run, Jump, Fly boy!


Anonymous said...

It is so great he is doing well. Also so scary he had such a reaction to the medication. I asked my son's doctor about the "rash reaction" and he said it was very rare. Still, I declined Lamictal and I am not risking Keppra due to the high odds of behavior side effects. I wish there were better choices for our kids!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see he is doing much better. I have seen Conor grow up thanks to your blog and have become one of his biggest fans.