Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Conor's Fredericton Adventures 2013 Part I

Conor & Dad, couple of hosers enjoying the snow, eh?

Conor's Saint John River view clear day, above, not so clear below

Conor helps Dad with a visit at the Chalmers Hospital Acute Care Unit

Conor and Mom head out for  a stroll on the North Riverfront Trail

Conor changes his mind about the strolling part

Conor enjoys a late March snowstorm eh?

Conor isn't the only one who gets to fly along our North Riverfront Trail

The Run Jump Fly Boy lets it all loose on the North Riverfront Trail, Fredericton

Just days after Conor was running, jumping and flying down the trail he was taken by ambulance to the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton where he spent 6 days in the Intensive Care Unit, and a total of 2 weeks in hospital, as a result of a life threatening adverse reaction to his anti seizure medication. 

Many thanks to the incredible doctors, nurses and staff at the Chalmers Emergency and Intensive Care Units for saving our Conor.

Conor didn't take too long to fully recover and there was no better way to show it than heading out on the trail with Mom and Dad ... where he had to wait from time to time for us to catch up.

Looking forward to lots more fun with Conor on the trail and elsewhere in 2013.  I hope he continues to enjoy the wonderful outdoor environment that Fredericton and friends like the Ospreys shown below offer. 

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