Sunday, March 31, 2013

Conor's Autism Advocacy Awards

The primary front line autism service providers, regardless of where one lives, are parents.  In Canada at least parents have also been the first and most effective advocates for services for autistic children from BC to Ontario to New Brunswick to Newfoundland and all points between.  For most parents recognition of that fact is important only to prevent others with less understanding of the impacts of autism on our children from purporting to speak on their behalf when they do so contrary to our children's best interests. The only award most of us really need though are the hugs and smiles we receive from our children.  Following are some awards Conor has given to his Mom and Dad:

This picture above was taken during my recent 6 day hospitalization for a chest infection and asthma attack. Lights were harsh for picture taking and the cell phone camera was not great so the picture is blurred but speaks volumes. Conor missed his Dad and I missed him.  His visit cheered his old Dad considerably. Conor's hugs and smiles have added immeasurably to my enjoyment of life and helped me stay focused as an autism advocate on what counts most - helping my son and others with autism enjoy a fuller more rewarding life. Conor has not been skimpy in handing out awards to his Mom and Dad:


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nice pics, well written. My son also provides me with those "awards", pretty good feeling to have that! :)