Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is Severe Autism?

What is severe autism?  Kim Oakley asks the question rhetorically before answering it in Silent Alarm. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to know what severe autism is read this latest comment by someone who has dealt with severe autism first hand, someone who knows what she is talking about:

Parents of severely-autistic children have had enough of feel good façades. We can’t stand silent as a parade of imposters infiltrate the autism community. Nor shall we bow to the self-appointed autism elite. We’ve survived too much to play that game. We’re in the trenches. We know how to fight. Remember no pain, no gain? Severe autism is painful. By lifting the weight of it all, there is much to gain. Kim Oakley

Silent Alarm is exactly what the title says. Read it if you want to know the truth about severe autism.  Or read some mainstream media pap about the joy of autism if you don't want to know the truth. Better yet just sit back and wait until the DSM-5 pushes the severely autistic off the spectrum completely and remodels the autism spectrum in the image of those who are anything but severely autistic.

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