Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is Walking Autism Therapy? No, Just Fun for Conor and Dad

In the space of two days Conor and I went on several walks together.  Nothing makes me feel better than going for a good walk, preferably along a trail or hiking in the woods.  I love being outdoors in nature and I always have. As an added bonus I like walking even more when I am walking with Conor.  

We took advantage of the long weekend to get lots of walking in.  It may not be as scientifically based as swimming with dolphins or riding horses in Mongolia but it makes me and Conor feel better. We both enjoy walking together. So far this long weekend here in New Brunswick we have gotten out for several trail walks and a bridge walk across the St. John River to downtown and back.  Autism therapy? Well  ....  at least as much as most unproven therapies that stretch therapeutic value into therapy but no, it is just healthy fun with my buddy Conor.


farmwifetwo said...

IMO there is no such thing as a missed learning opportunity. Even if it's walking with someone and enjoying the day. My youngest and I walk most days and sometimes we talk, sometimes we just walk. But he learns to stay beside me, walk on the side of the road and swat at the dang flies that bite :)

Speaking of which.... someone's standing beside the back door and I'm waiting to hear "go for a walk??" Nope it's "outside at 9am" instead.

Gotta go.

Jeanne said...

It's so great that you take walks with your son - I personally believe many special needs kids do not get enough exercise. My son and I do the same - we go for walks, he will "play raquetball" with me at the YMCA we kind of make up our own rules) and he will even sometimres ride a stationary bike, right beside me, while I am exercising on the elyptical (I hope thats how ya spell it!). Exercise may not be "therpy" specifically for autism - but I feel that it's therapy for peopel and pets - we all feel better when we move our bodies! Have a beautiful day!