Monday, May 02, 2011

Conservative James Moore Autism Is Not a Disability Statement CONFIRMED by NDP Mark Ireland


Conservative James Moore's statement that autism is not a disability has been confirmed by NDP candidate Mark Ireland who participated  in the forum at which Moore made the statement.  Mr. Ireland posted a message to my blog confirming that Moore made the statement and he also tweeted the confirmation to Ben Brisebois:


M. E. said...

I have asperger, and I think the difficulties with having autism today partly have to do with how today's competitive mass-society creates a socially rather conservative and conformist climate. Personally I can certainly see how it could have been easier for me to cope with society as it was fifty years ago, and maybe even easier a bit further back in time (with the right circumstances). The mainstreaming of social behaviour in today's society, where media, television, mobile phones, all kinds of interpellation participate, certainly is indispensable in explaining how more and more people are diagnosed in different ways as being within the autism spectrum, coupled with the fact that the "health system" gets better at getting in touch with "cases", these two things reinforcing each other.

I believe the best would be to change society so that as few people as possible within the autism spectrum needed medication.

However, James Moore's statement is certainly an insult even to me, although I'm aware of not being the most disabled in today's society of those within the autism spectrum and can see how I personally needn't be disabled in a different, more human society, although I certainly am disabled in today's society. And in today's society I'm certainly not very well included in the job market.

Then again, what else to expect from someone like James Moore who clearly believes everything can be explained by individualist explanations?

Anonymous said...

So, if autism is not classed as a disability, then why does my daughter receive disability living allowance?

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

If an NDP politician says so, it does not mean that it is actually true. If something does not make any sense, it is probably because it was never said in the way that it was reported.

This would be a very strange change of views, considering that back to 2007 James Moore paid attention to auitism:

Unknown said...

ANONYMOUS 12:27 a second candidate at the forum, Liberal Stewart McGillivray, has also confirmed that Conservative James Moore stated that autism is not a disability. I'm guessing you won't believe a Liberal either.

Jeanne said...

The statement made about autism not being s disability bothers me. My guess is that nobody wants to offend - calling people "disabled" if they are not - but then perhaps we should re-word what it means to be disabled because my son has autism and is disbabled - meaning he cannot live independently of another humna being & support himself. To me "disabled" (even though I don't really like that word) means a person who cannot live life independently, without some form of help - wether it's phisically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, medically, I certainly do not mean to offend anyone, but to me, thats what "disabled" means. There may be people on the spectrum with Autism or Asberger's, etc who are not or don't want to be considered "disabled" - maybe they can live alone, hold a job, drive a car, go to the movies with friends, make financial decisions etc...But - there are many with autism (or on the specturm) who ARE disabled, meaning either that they cannot do these sorts of this at all OR perhaps they can but with help. My son is autistic - moderately. I would consider him disabled - So although he is "able" to do many things - he cannot do the sorts of things that would allow him to live completely independently of another adult - to me thats "disabled". To make a "blanket" determination of any one group that they are (as a whole) or are not(as whole) - "disabled" wrong. My son is nearly 20 years old and attends a great day program where he gets to work in our community with a job coach, etc....if we did not have that or the other services he needs, I know my son would have a horrible quality of life - because he cannot take care of or provide for himself. It makes me wonder if politicians think that if they do not call autism a "disability", then maybe it'll save them money - because their state won't have to pay for the programs - is that what it's That concerns me. Most people don't have a disability, why can't we simply take care of the people that do - and call it good?

Anonymous said...

We are talking about Canada aren't we? Here is his PROFESSIONAL experience
Radio Talk Show Host, 550 CKPG (Prince George)
Radio Talk Show Host, 1040 CKST (Vancouver)
Communications Advisor, Office of Hon. Preston Manning, PC, Leader of the Official Opposition (fmr)
Editor, Canadian Student Review, Fraser Institute
Here is his education
MA - University of Saskatchewan
BA - University of Northern B.C.
Business Administration - Douglas College
(1) no specialisation or training in social sciences relating to education, learning and development, neuro, psychology, cognition or similar
(2) business specialist