Monday, May 02, 2011

Liberal Stewart McGillivray Also Confirms Conservative James Moore's Autism Is Not a Disability Statement

More Confirmation!

Liberal Stewart McGillivray, who also participated in the candidate's forum in which Conservative James Moore made his "autism is not a disability" statement, has, along with NDP Mark Ireland, also confirmed that Moore did indeed make the "autism isn't a disability" statement. The two candidates confirm the information posted on the Medicare for Autism NOW! message board  by Elaine Willis, who was at the forum  and asked the autism medicare question that led to Mr. Moore's statement.  Mr. McGilliivray's confirming email was forwarded to my attention:


Fauxtist said...

James Moore must be consulting with Ari Ne'eman who famously wrote that autism isn't a disability.

Shannon said...

I have two children on the spectrum, one of whom is more profoundly affected by it than the other, and we struggle daily with even the simplest things. She self injures, she screams, she strikes out at others (though not as often as she used to). It has taken a combination of medications, education and therapy to get her where she is now, which is still low functioning but improving.

How can something that affects not only the individual, but the entire family NOT be a disorder?