Thursday, May 19, 2011

Autism Can End Lives: Wandering and Drowning

Those  who don't believe that autism can be a deadly disorder, who believe that wandering from home and drowning  is not a problem that should be associated with autism, will want to skip reports of yet another death by drowning of an autistic child that wandered from the safety of his home.  This time the drowning occurred in Cushing, Oklahoma. As reported on Oklahoma's Own, the child's death has been ruled accidental after investigation by the Department of Human Services and the State Medical Examiner's Office:

"Death Of Autistic Boy In Cushing Ruled Accidental ... criminal charges will not be filed as a result of the death of 4-year-old Blake Murrell.  Murrell drowned in a pond within Memorial Park in Cushing on April 19. His body was found hours after he was reported missing from the family's home nearby.
The D.A.'s office says a thorough investigation was conducted by the Cushing Police Department, the Department of Human Services and the State Medical Examiner's Office. A statement released by Lee's office states "the evidence gathered does not justify the filing of criminal charges. The evidence indicates this was an unfortunate, tragic accident."


Mommie that Gets It said...

This just breaks my heart! It happens way too frequently! So sad! I had to secure my home to ensure my son would not get out, we have a pond very close by. People need to ensure these children cannot get out ... truly a tragedy ...

aasiyah said...

my heart goes out to this family and all that lost a child. Thank you for this post, it is important to make awareness about wondering and its dangers.