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Pandemic or Profit and Panic? WHO Scientist Claims Swine Flu Pandemic Was Completely Exaggerated

Inforwars (see also the Daily Mail) reports that a WHO scientist, Professor Ulrich Keil, director of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology,     has testified  during hearings at Strasbourg France of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a body comprised of democratically elected representatives of 47 nations, that the Swine flu pandemic was completely exaggerated:

With SARS, with avian flu, always the predictions are wrong…Why don’t we learn from history? It [swine flu] produced a lot of turmoil in the pubic and was  completely exaggerated in contrast with all the really important matters we have to deal with in public health. We know the great killers are hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, high body mass index, physical inactivity and low fruit and vegetable intake.  In spite of all these facts, governments instead wasted huge amounts of money by investing in pandemic scenarios whose evidence base is weak.

PACE is holding hearings pursuant to a motion by the former chair of the PACE Health Committee, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former German lawmaker,  medical doctor and epidemiologist and will try to determine whether the Swine Ful, H1N1 pandemic was a false pandemic declared on the advice of medical advisors with close financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that benefited from the production of the H1N1 vaccines.  The investigation will also look at why two shots were initially advised when one was later found to be sufficient, the haste at which the vaccines were developed and the use of adjuvants in the vaccines.

As reported by Infowars  Dr. Wodarg has been very critical of WHO actions in declaring the Swine Flu out break a pandemic noting that the definition of pandemic was changed and softened and that the pandemic was declared with very little evidence to support the declaration:

“It was stated in panic- stricken terms that this was a flu that could threaten humanity and a great number of humans could fall ill. This is why billions of dollars of medications were bought.” Wodarg said.
He added that the the change in definition “made it possible for the pharmaceutical industry to transform this opportunity into cash, under contracts which were mainly secret.”
“In my view, the WHO undertook an incomprehensible action, which cannot be justified by scientific evidence. The Council of Europe should investigate this to see how WHO can undertake this kind of dangerous nonsense,” said Dr Wodarg.
Infowars also reports that  WHO’s flu chief, Dr Fukuda, insists WHO's swine flu scientists were not improperly influenced by ties to  pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Fukuda  criticizes those who call the pandemic a fake:
“Let me state clearly for the record – the influenza pandemic policies and responses recommended and taken by WHO were not improperly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.” Fukuda told the inquiry.
He said those calling the epidemic fake were wrong and irresponsible."

Personally,  I did wonder from the outset whether the pandemic label and the panic were justified.  But I am just an ordinary citizen and far from being  an expert on epidemic outbreaks.  There have been actual experts, even public health authorities, other than Dr. Wodarg, who have questioned all along whether the pandemic label and the panic generated by public health authorities pushing everyone to get the H1N1 vaccine was appropriate and necessary.

The PACE investigation is important for addressing issues fundamental to public health  around the globe.  Decisions made to invest in and promote vaccine ingredients will always have huge impacts on our health. The PACE investigation is examining whether resources that might have been spent elsewhere were diverted as a result of a false panic generated by profit motives and undue influence.  What they learn will be important for our future health decisions.  

The Swine Flu pandemic also raises issues fundamental to democracy.  The role of powerful, profit driven organizations in influencing public health decisions and allocating resources is critical.  The role of public health authorities in promoting panic based on weak evidence and demonizing citizens as irresponsible for questioning their decisions are important concerns to be examined by responsible bodies of deliberation. These are important issues for the health of citizens and for the health of democracies that purportedly value fee expression and government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

Videos and Transcripts of the statements by Professor Keil, Dr. Wodarg, Dr. Fukuda and Dr. Luc Hessel of the Europeoa Vaccine Manufacturers, along with their biographies are available on the PACE web site.

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