Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Missing: Jennifer Graves Smith, Halifax Nova Scotia Teen With Autism

Jennifer Graves-Smith

The Halifax, Nova Scotia paper the  Chronicle Herald  reports that Jennifer Graves-Smith, an 18 year old Halifax girl with an unspecified autism disorder, is missing after she left her high school yesterday at 3:30 pm:

Police say she didn't take her assigned school bus and was seen walking down a wooded pathway toward the Keshen Goodman Public Library on Lacewood Drive.

Police describe Ms. Graves-Smith as five-foot-eight and 130 pounds with shoulder-length brown hair.
She was wearing a slate blue Columbia jacket. She's known to usually have the hood up, the news release noted. She is also known to turn away when strangers approach.

She had a black and red backpack with her.

Anyone with information is asked to contact  police at  902 490-5016

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penlan said...

She's been found safe & sound!

farmwifetwo said...

They found her.

Anonymous said...

Any updates? I pray for a safe outcome.

Stephanie said...

Not only those with LFA can be hurt by the disorder. From the sound of it this woman is high-functioning and I bet many people with HFA/AS would do similar things (wander away to the library, anyone?)

I've definitely done similar things myself. I still do. I don't think about the danger involved, assume it will be okay.