Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CDC Advisor Says Autism Increasing in Denmark, Sweden and the United States

Autism epidemic deniers will never acknowledge that autism is really increasing.  Another expert however  has stated that autism is increasing in Denmark, Sweden and the United States.  Adopting the logic of experts like Dr. Eric Fombonne and Dr. Judy Minshew  Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist  Patsy Stinchfield,  member of the CDC Advisory Committee that recommended that children in the US get annual flu shots,  dismissed  concerns that thimerosal in vaccines contributes to autism:

"Autism is a devastating condition but efforts to prevent autism by removing mercury from vaccines have been ineffective, even when mercury banned in the 1990s in a couple of European countries. 

"Denmark and Sweden, right. So no change. So they said 'Well if we think its Thimerosal or mercury, we'll take it out.' And they took it out and same in the United States," said Stinchfield. "And autism has done nothing but continue to increase.""

Fombonne, Minshew and CDC advisor Stinchfield all argue that thimerosal has been disproven as a causal factor for autism disorders.  For their arguments to have merit the autism increases they are referencing as disproving any thimerosal autism connection would have to be real and not reflections of diagnostic definition expansion or ascertainment factors.

So what is causing the increasing rates of autism in Europe and the US? Most of the experts who weight in on the issue do so for the purpose of supporting vaccine safety.  The learned scholars  have demonstrated no real interest in studying and finding out  what is causing the startling autism increases that parents,  ill informed, hysterical, incompetent parents have been pointing out for years. 


nhokkanen said...

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, news readers and writers have a buddy relationship with the state Department of Health. I refuse to compliment them with the phrase "investigative reporters" -- here, there are few, if any.

WCCO-TV is an embarrassment to the journalistic profession. The well-dressed, neatly-coiffed chuckling mannequins parrot CDC talking points rather than doing first-hand research.

Consumers are not given the percentage of influenza vaccines that contain mercury. Among injectables, it's usually 97-98%.

Years ago a WCCO anchor suffered public humiliation after taking on a large local airline and losing. The net effect was to chill investigations and increase happy patter, with the excuse of "giving the public what it wants."

Well, I want statistical accuracy. I want FOIA documents. I want independent studies. I want balanced interviewing, with chemists and toxicologists. I want the good old days when ad revenues weren't the primary determinant of news content.

And while the "emasculated stenographers" scribble away, more and more children suffer neurological damage, brain damage, immune damage.

Ian MacGregor said...

Howard, the IACC Strategic Plan, addresses research into environmental factors.