Friday, March 13, 2009

The Lights Are Dim On Autism Street Today

Yep, Hannah Poling’s case was conceded, but contrary to popular internet re-interpretations which claim a court “decision” about autism causation, the case was apparently never actually heard by the court - and no court ruling about whether or not Hannah’s autistic features were caused by vaccination was ever made.

D'oC, Autism Street, March 13, 2009,

D'oC must have been in a rush to attack today's editorial by Dr. Jon Poling. In the above statement D'oC actually feels compelled to announce to the world that no court ruling was ever made about whether or not Hannah's autistic "features", code for Hannah's autism, were caused by vaccination.


The case was conceded D'oC, of course there was no court ruling.

That is what the government has done in vaccine court when a knowledgeable, well prepared litigant appears. It concedes BEFORE a court can rule and set a precedent against vaccines.

Maybe D'oC didn't have his morning java before scurrying to attack Dr. Poling's editorial.


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Anonymous said...

They are getting away with everything, and most people look away.