Thursday, March 05, 2009

Conor Likes the Computer AND the Headphones

Conor loves the computer. He goes on the laptop and watches various videos, especially O Canada and he loves to listen to the sound on the headphones. I don't know if he learned how to use them at school but Conor picks up the earphones, plugs them in and uses them no problem. And he enjoys listening on them which did surprise me a bit since the sound can be louder and more complex heard through the headphones.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it IS because the sound is more intense that he likes them.

My dd won't wear ANYTHING on her head whatsoever any more. I hope someday we can get her used to wearing headphones again.

Anonymous said...

I love those photo's, Conor looks so happy with his beautiful smile.
Justin likes to wear headphones and seeks them out, I am thinking it is because the sound is more intense and he has control over it, without having to filter out background noises.


Unknown said...

navywifeandmom and Dawn

I think you are right about the intensity, control and not having to filter out the background noise.

I have started using them myself. I watched Amadeus the 1984 Oscar winning movie for best picture, actor etc and have been listening to Mozart all week with the headphones on while I work on the computer.

simoart said...

My son has autism and he likes the headphones because, there is not outside noise mixing with the music and he can enjoy it better.

shakingsystem said...

Some sounds can be perceived as irritating or even painful.Earplugs,headphones or even background noises can help counteract irritating sounds.

Keep in mind when Conor is using his headphones,the volume should be between #2 and #4 (digital) to avoid damaging the hair cells in the ears.

Everyday classroom sounds can be distracting and may prevent children from learning.Using headphones may help keep them focused while they work.

Some students may need the environment quieter than others. Using headphones can be helpful in reducing extraneous sounds.

Music that has a strong underlying rhythm as in marching band music,drumming and /or humming can help children transition from recess or gym to classroom work indoors.

Just a couple of helpful tips to aid children who may encounter noises ,which can be distracting, and even painful in their environment.

Enjoy Conor!!!!!!