Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conor and Lindt Team Up with Autism Speaks

In these photos Conor, 13, with Autistic Disorder, a proud supporter of Autism Speaks, and proudly NOT represented by ASAN, expresses his own opinion about the Lindt company's Gold Bunny Giveback Program effort to support Autism Speaks in its autism awareness, advocacy and research efforts.

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shakingsystem said...

Yum Yum.....Conor seems to be enjoying the moment.......There's nothing like a tasty chocolate to make your day.

jonathan said...

Glad to hear that Conor is another individual with autism who just said no to neurodiversity

Anonymous said...

It does look like he's enjoying that chocolate :).
Can I be rude and ask how you were able to explain the concept of autism to him please? I'd love to be able to tell Tom, but he doesn't understand anything abstract (and has limited understanding of non abstract things).

Unknown said...


You are not being rude at all in asking how I was able to explain the concept of autism to him.

I had intended the comment to be humorous and show Conor enjoying the Lindt chocolate.

Conor does not understand the abstract concept "autism". I am sorry if my attempt at humor misled on that point.

I have stated often on this blog site that Conor does not understand such abstractions. Nor does he understand much about everyday life. That is why we as his parents, and I, as his father, speak on his behalf and advocate strenuously for him. And we do NOT recognize the right of ASAN and other "autism advocacy" groups that are now attacking the Lindt and Autism Speaks campaign to speak on behalf of my son with whom they have nothing in common and who do not know him.

Your question was a good one and I thank you for asking it.


Anonymous said...

Aah, I see now. Thank you for explaining.

Jim Gerl said...


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