Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Autism News: CBC Freezes Executive Salaries

In the good autism news department the CBC has announced that it is freezing salaries of its executive. Some of these CBC decision makers would have been involved over the past few years in the relentless push to promote the nonsensical, mis-representative ideology and rhetoric of Neurodiversity icons Michelle Dawson and Dr. Laurent Mottron by providing them with repeat appearances on Quirks and Quarks (CBC Radio) and CBC television. The one sided, misleading, "Posautive" special was shown again this past week. The CBC web site also recently published an editorial by Stephen Strauss in which he misrepresented the current state of scientific knowledge on possible vaccine autism connections.

Whether it be pushing the "we don't want a cure" views of the Neurodiversity camp as representing autistic children and adults, or pushing a false view of science, vaccines and autism , the CBC has pushed agendas of one side of very controversial issues without providing fair or any coverage of other views. In the case of autism the CBC now invariably ignores the views of parents seeking to help their autistic children through treatment and cure. And of course CBC journalists wouldn't think of leaving their offices to provide coverage of severely autistic persons who live in institutional care or otherwise won't or can't pose for media interviews.

I have a son who is severely autistic. Autism issues are, and will always be, of primary importance to me. With the CBC demonstrating such extreme bias and journalistic incompetence I can no longer trust this publicly funded Canadian media institution on any issues.

Freezing the salaries of CBC executives is a good start. Autism disorders are, despite the beliefs and agendas of the pro-Neurodiversity CBC decision makers, serious neurological disorders impairing the lives of 1 in 150 Canadians and their families. Actually dismantling the CBC, a one sided source of autism mis-representation, would be a great help to parents fighting to help their children overcome the challenges of autism spectrum disorders.

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Look at all the posts and outcry against the "unfair" cuts to the CBC - not.