Friday, February 01, 2008

Sloppy Autism Blogging - DMFP Gets It Wrong

I came across a link to one of my blog comments by daisymayfattypants of A Life Less Ordinary in which DMFP offered the following interpretation of one of my commentaries to which she had linked:

Based on a blog I just read, some parents of children with more severe autism don't consider our "high-functioning" children to be "truly" autistic. No, my son does not bang his head or try to gouge out his eyes, and no, he does not have severe developmental delays--his are moderate at worst. His intelligence test scores are wildly all over the map--in retardation territory for some things and in the highest percentiles for others. His manifestations of atpyical neurological wiring are there, and they meet current criteria for autism. I personally am not seeking a "cure" for him and don't think he needs one. Some modifications, yes. But I would think that about any six-year-old boy, regardless of his internal wiring.

The problem with DMFP's observation is that I never said that high functioning autistic children are not "truly" autistic. At no time have I ever said that persons with high functioning autism or Aspergers are not "truly" autistic as DMFP erroneously indicates. Of course DMFP's mischaracterization of my comment probably made for more entertaining reading.

Fiction is often a juicier meal than fact.

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Katie said...


I may not agree with every single thing you say, but NOBODY deserves being misrepresented like this.

I have been on both ends of that myself. But on the receiving end more, because I try to be honest but fair.

If I ever do this to you, can you notify me?