Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nestor Lopez-Duran Ph.D on Autism, Science and Faith-Based Advocacy

"what I believe doesn’t really matter, because “beliefs” rapidly turn into blind faith, even amongst scientists. Instead, good science only occurs when positions are flexible and reflective only of the status of the research (data) at any given time"

Nestor L. Lopez-Duran Ph.D., Translating Autism, About Science and faith-based advocacy

The above quote from Nestor Lopez-Duran's commentary "About Science and faith-based advocacy" on his Translating Autism blog site, and the commentary itself, should be read, and remembered, by EVERYONE providing commentary on science related autism matters. Many issues such as the mercury-autism, vaccine-autism, genetics-environment arguments in autism discussions purport to revolve around science but often depart from the science and embrace the faith-based advocacy referenced by Dr. Lopez-Duran. To the great detriment of anyone with an interest in understanding the nature and causes of autism.

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