Friday, February 15, 2008

Autism and Mercury Revisited: DeSoto and Hitlan (2007) FAQ Site Updated

The FAQ site for the DeSoto and Hitlan (2007) reanalysis of the Ip et al (2004) data has been
updated. This FAQ site dispels some of the misinformation being circulated by bloggers about their 2007 reanalysis. Autism Street in particular has attempted to diminish the results and significance of the DeSoto and Hitlan reanalysis which:

"documents a research finding that has been said to show there is "no connection between mercury and autism" was wrong; thus, some may have written off any connection too hastily. Certainly, if persons concluded that mercury and autism could not be linked based on Ip 2004 stated results, they would want to reconsider."

If you have a non-faith based interest in this important autism issue, and your source of understanding of the DeSoto and Hitlan article is Autism Street, or other blog sites, you may want to visit the DeSoto and Hitlan updated FAQ site. The authors ask people to communicate with them directly if they have questions about their article and the conclusions they reached on this important subject.

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Nestor L. Lopez-Duran PhD said...

I like the "non-faith based interest" statement :-). Nestor.