Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Conor the King of Snow Mountain

It was a mild afternoon today and as we headed to the car for a trip down town Conor decided to climb the snow drift beside our driveway. It has been a traditional Canadian winter with lots of snow. Conor enjoyed himself on the top of his snow mountain. Like anyone who grew up in Canada I knew exactly how good he felt up there. We ARE Canadian.


jypsy said...

Oddly enough I dreamt about Conor and you last night and, oddly enough you were in the snow. In proper Canadian form you each had a hockey stick and were passing a puck back and forth..... (??!)

Anonymous said...


I wonder about a country that considers it possible for snow like that to be present on a mild afternoon!

Unknown said...


Hockey is part of who we are in Canada. There is no escaping it.

Unknown said...


LOL. Canada is a terrific country. Although the US has much to offer particularly in exciting spectator sports like NFL football and the Democratic and Republican primaries.