Friday, July 13, 2007

Autism Speaks, Autism Awareness .... and the Tall Ships

I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on business the past couple of days and finished up around 4 pm yesterday. Rather than drive home last evening I stayed over and went down to see some of the Tall Ships that had begun to arrive. I checked out of my hotel early, around 4:30 am, in order to get back to Fredericton for a 9:30 meeting. As I was checking out the gentleman at the desk asked about my blue Autism Speaks pin. We talked about autism generally and he told me he was a NASCAR fan and talked about the two NASCAR drivers who have ties to persons with autism and help raise autism awareness in conjunction with NASCAR and the Autism Speaks 400. I was asked several times about the Autism Speaks pin while in Halifax. I am often asked about it around Fredericton where I live. The pin, and the Autism Speaks 400, are but two elements of the outstanding work that has been done raising autism awareness and funds for autism research by the fine people with Autism Speaks. I hope Autism Speaks, the Wrights and others who make such an outstanding contribution with Autism Speaks are not dissuaded in any way by the pettey soap opera commentary of the internet. Keep up the good work folks. Oh, and here are some Tall Ships pictures, from an Indian Tall Ship, the Tarangini.

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