Friday, July 06, 2007

Autism Quotes # 3

“It's like a cloud has been lifted. The programme of ABA is tailored to Robyn's needs. She is walking a little now. She still doesn't talk, but she communicates through pictures. She shows us what she wants by pointing to photos of food or toys. Robyn now shows affection too. She connects with us, and has started kissing us. That is real progress.”

- Trevor Dagg, Ireland, Father of a Robyn a six year old autistic girl

We already know that the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis provide us with the most effective and most evidence-based methods for teaching individuals with autism.

- Alan Harchik, Ph.D., BCBA, Chief Operating Officer May Institute

“It has been a long struggle dealing with misinformation about the science of behaviour analysis in my community. But we are getting there. Within Psychology as a whole, it is behaviour analysis that has pioneered research techniques that have led to applications adapted to the needs of the individual. Regarding children with autism, individualised treatment programs mean that each child is nurtured in a holistic and child-centered manner. This sentiment is echoed by the Department of Education. The alternative is an eclectic approach that has no research evidence to support its implementation.”

- Dr. Mickey Keenan, School of Psychology, Coleraine campus, University of Ulster, former Director of Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists.

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