Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harper & Duceppe Defend Canada, Quebec Against Autistic Children

Above are pictures of Stephen Harper, who stood up for Canada yesterday, and Gilles Duceppe, who defended the Nation of Quebec yesterday, against the threat posed by autistic children in need of treatment by ordering their troops to vote down MP Shawn Murphy's private member's motion calling for a National Autism Strategy. The motion sought amendment of the Canada Health Act to ensure that autistic children in Canada, no matter where they resided, would received funding for treatment. Congratulations to these two brave and compassionate leaders for fending off this horrendous challenge to the integrity of their respective nations.


Anonymous said...

It makes me feel ill that this long battle to get the right help for these children has been discarded.
Many tears are being shed by this decision

Anonymous said...

Since when is it that "autistic children in need of treatment" have become a threat? I thought they were disabled children and that treatment was aimed at helping them learn, but this wording makes me feel as if autistics are like criminals unless they're treated (with ABA, I assume) and that treatment is aimed at protecting society against them. I'm sure you didn't want to leave that impression, but this wording quite a bit reinforces the idea that you feel untreated autistics are bad persons - and I thought you only felt autism was bad.

Unknown said...

Astrid you make a fair point.

I did not intend to suggest that autistic children REALLY are a threat to the nations of Quebec or Canada. I was mocking the excuses made by the leaders who rejected a serious national effort to ensure that autistic children, wherever they reside in Canada, receive proper help.

I do agree that my words left room for misunderstanding and given the sensitivities surrounding these issues were ill considered.