Friday, February 09, 2007

Blogging Beautiful New Brunswick

I am very happy to live in New Brunswick. For many reasons.

The fight for advances for autistic children and adults is a difficult one at the best of times but civility, as is keeping with life in New Brunswick, almost always prevails. Another valuable part of living in New Brunswick is the sheer beauty of our province. The New Brunswick Blog Roll lists several photo sites which focus on New Brunswick's beauty and they are always worth taking time to view. In no particular order, some of these sites which I visit are:

Bay of Fundy Blog

Photos: Varying Seasons

New Brunswick Photos

Oromocto Watershed

ERIC CARR photography

Nature Tales and Camera Trails

A few of my amateur photos from the Fredericton area, Nashwaaksis actually, are set out above. (Click to enlarge)


Terri said...

Hi Harold - thank you so much for including my blog on your honour role! It's been a great adventure for middle-aged me to embrace this new technology but I'm really enjoying it. Your blog is awesome - I can only imagine what a wonderful service you provide about autism. Great work!
Terri (host of

Unknown said...

You are welcome terri and thanks for your kind remarks. I love the Bay of Fundy. My dad's family was from the NS side up by the Minas Basin near Halls Harbour - a place called Canady Creek.