Sunday, February 04, 2007

Conor and the Penny

Yesterday Conor was agitated and rubbing his nose. Because of a prior penny up the nose experience with Conor I checked but saw only a runny nose. He calmed down after wiping his nose clean and started watching some children's shows on television. Later the nose rubbing resumed so I looked again and this time saw a shiny edge very far up his left nostril. I packed up immediately and headed off to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital emergency desk with Conor. Things went very smoothly. The hospital staff registered and attended to him promptly and the doctor who attended and removed the coin was sure handed, quick and slick. The coin was out in a flash.

I was very proud of Conor yesterday. He remained calm throughout. We call hospital visits "hospital adventures" and he seemed to enjoy all the sights of the hospital at least for a short visit. Upon being told of the problem, and that Conor was seriously autistic, hospital staff asked if more people would be needed to hold him if necessary but I declined. More people might have just upset Conor and he has always been well behaved on hospital adventures. Afterwards we headed for Zellers at Conor's request. Once there he went straight for the candy shelf and picked out a box of Scooby Doo candy. Dad was happy to pick up the tab and get Conor home with the Scooby Doo and no penny up the nose.


Anonymous said...

Glad you thought to keep investigating his runny nose. Our Justin also enjoys hospital visits, it's because he loves to ride in the elevator. One of our hospital visits wasn't a success, it was for an MRI. To many nurses gathered around him to "help" put the IV in. What a commotion, not necessarily by Justin but from the 5 nurses who were chattering! Being a nurse myself, I told them all to be quiet, and leave except for two. I have since been invited back to the nursing unit an gave a staff inservice on Autism. One thing I reinterated wasto always ask the parent/caregiver if more staff would be necessary. I'm glad all worked out for Conor...and you, too.


jypsy said...

Dennis Debbaudt is currently putting together a training video for first responders, ER personnel etc. PEI's first responders will be given and/or loaned this video, when it becomes available, thanx to Alex's Autistic Celebration Run Fundraiser.

Maddy said...

Makes me wish we still had the old currency 'penny' from the UK - about twice the size of a dollar coin!