Monday, July 09, 2012

Medicare for Autism Now Interviews Harold Doherty

This is the video of my interview on Medicare for Autism Now! Since that interview a US Federal Court Judge has ordered Florida Medicaid to provide Medicaid coverage of ABA for autism. California has mandated insurers to provide ABA coverage for autism and the US federal government has done the same thing in respect of US federal government employees. Meanwhile back in Canada .... nothing ... or worse. 

The sham autism symposium held after a panic stricken Canadian government cancelled a real national autism symposium in order to screen out and prevent real autism activists from attending has resulted in absolutely no gains for autistic Canadians. Little progress has been made across Canada and in some provinces, like New Brunswick under the current administration, we are actually seeing gains slip away. 

We need a new generation of advocates to step forward and join the fight for autistic children and adults. We need YOU!



Jean Lewis said...

Harold: Thank you very much for all the years of hard work and advocacy on behalf of all our children. Thank you too, for telling it like it is on a daily basis. With gratitude - Jean

Unknown said...

Thank you Jean. That means a lot, especially coming from you after everything you have done for the cause of autistic children and adults in Canada.