Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conor Is Home From the Hospital!

Above Conor, and Mom, in the bottom pic,  on the way home.
Conor's Mom stayed at the hospital with him 24/7,  for 2 weeks
Dad spelled her off at times and the nursing students also sat
with Conor and gave Mom some breaks once he was moved
from the Intensive Care Unit to a room in Pediatrics.

In the grainy pic below (taken in dark lighting) Conor rests
at home on one of our living room cozy couches.

Conor is home! After 2 weeks in the hospital, including 6 days in intensive care, it feels great to have our buddy home with us. Yesterday I told Conor I would be back at 8 am this morning to take him home.  I arrived at 7:55 am and Conor Was waiting in the door way of his room ready to go home.

We really didn't know for the first few days if he would survive.  His negative reaction to the anti-seizure medication Lamotrogine resulted in a condition called Rhabdomyolysis which is as bad as it sounds.  Essentially, as I understand it the muscles break down and can cause renal (kidney) failure.

Conor is home now, safe and healthy. We all have lots of work ahead doing phsyio  with Conor as he recovers strength and coordination. Conor has shown substantial improvement each of the last several days and we are very optimistic that our Run, Jump, Fly boy will be back before too long. 

There are many, many people to thank for Conor's well being today. There are literally so many: all the hospital medical, nursing and support staff, our family doctor, people who know and work with Conor at school who visited with him in the hospital,  family friends and Conor's brother Brandon who was a big help at home and at the hospital on visits. 

We are happy, very, very happy to have our buddy home with us. Today is a great day in the Doherty home.


jonathan said...

Great news I hope he'll be okay.

Anonymous said...

Glad he is home!! Tell Heather I'll call soon for a walk.


Jean Lewis said...

Wonderful news! Our best wishes to you all.

Bullet said...

Glad he's home again.

Unknown said...

Nice to hear hes home and doing great

Unknown said...

Nice to hear hes home and doing great

LK said...

I'm a frequent reader of your blog from Minnesota. Best wishes for a quick recovery to health!

Claire said...

So sorry to hear your family had to experience this terrible scare, but very happy to know things are on the mend! Big hugs to all of you.