Friday, November 11, 2011

Severe Autism Reality: Autistic Cases 'Autism Experts' Run From

Kim Oakley and her family are not researchers studying high functioning autism and trying to convince the world that autism is beautiful.  They are not ill informed mainstream "journalists" looking for a feel good story about autism.  They are a  family caring for a family member severely affected by an autism disorder. They are courageous in caring for Kim Oakley's son and they are courageous again for sharing their struggle honestly with a world that doesn't have the faintest clue about the realities of severe autism disorders, a world misled into thinking that autism is an advantage not a disorder. The following video, Autistic Cases 'Autism Experts' Run From',  by Kim Oakley, portrays severe autism as experienced in her home ... straight up and honestly:

This father of a son with severe Autistic Disorder applauds Kim Oakley and her family for caring for their son despite the challenges and for trying to tell the world about the realities of severe autism disorders and the challenges they present for those who suffer from them and those who care for them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kim for your honesty and showing what autism can really be like. I am so tired of the pathetic moms rambling on about how wonderful autism is when in reality it is clear that their kids are barely on the spectrum.

Jim said...

That poor kid. You can see how frustrated and sad he is. Made me tear up. Hard to watch, but important to understand.

Anonymous said...

hello Kim . please get your child on a antibiotic . Never mind that they can't find anyting . My grandson Blake was exactly the same . He also has no words and was so violent . He had so much trouble with absessed teethy earaches . bad tonsils , hard time to breathe. after getting all these problems taken care of , he calmed down quite a bit . He will always be upset somewhat because he cannot communicate with you . But please find a dr. that will just give him some medication. another thing is don't let them put him on any psychotic medications. Please help this child . I cried so hard for him