Monday, October 24, 2011

Fredericton Autism Intervention Services Founder Danielle Pelletier Honored Saturday Night

L: Danielle Pelletier, R: Harold Doherty

In the photo above I am standing with Danielle Pelletier, an SLP and founder of Autism Intervention Services Fredericton.  I was privileged to be in attendance and to have the opportunity to speak with Danielle who was honored Saturday night for her service to autistic children in the greater Fredericton area over approximately two decades.  She began her work as an SLP  working with autistic children at the Stan Cassidy Centre.  Danielle also provided moral support and professional credibility to a group of parent autism advocates known as FACE (Family Autism Centre for Education). FACE was the most active organization advocating for government funded evidence based early intervention services for autistic children.  Ultimately our provincial government did seek organizations to provide the early intervention services for autistic children.  Danielle answered the call in Fredericton where, six years ago,  she founded the Autism Intervention Services Fredericton Agency (1666 Lincoln Rd, Fredericton, NB) where she and her team have been providing evidence based ABA and Speech Language therapy for autistic preschoolers.  Danielle and her team have helped many autistic preschool children in Fredericton over the past 6 years and she absolutely deserves the honor and the standing ovation she received Saturday evening.  

Thank you Danielle for your outstanding contribution to the lives of autistic children in our community. 


Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

My son's SLP's were instrumental in his success. From age 3 to third grade, he attended sessions. Because the primary deficit for him was language related...they entered where no teacher has gone before or since. Best wishes to Ms. Pelletier and others like her!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I agree, thank you Danielle.

My son has Aspergers and I'm grateful for the help he's received.