Friday, October 07, 2011

Autism in Russia: Pravda Misrepresents Asperger's as Autism

Like its mainstream media counterparts in the US and Canada the Russian news service Pravda is busy misrepresenting Asperger's as Autism.  In Autism: Life full of struggle and success there is mention of Asperger's as "an" autism disorder.  There is also acknowledgement of some of the challenges faced by persons with autism. But there is no mention of those who CDC Autism Expert Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp  described as the "vast majority" of those with actual Autistic Disorder diagnoses; those who have autism and intellectual disabilities. The article read as a whole, including the title,  portrays those persons with Asperger's, and persons "with some traits of autism and Asperger's" who have found employment with companies like Aspiritech as representative of persons with autism:

The son of the founder Moshe Vittsberga at some point had problems finding work due to Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. For this reason, the Aspiritech undertook to help people with autism.
 According to specialists, work with computers is well suited for autistic individuals. In addition, many high-end programmers are people with certain traits of autism or Asperger syndrome.

Among professions preferred for autistic individuals are accounting, librarianship, archival work and drawing, and art. Autistic individuals are good at archeology, paleontology, and museum work.
Some people with autism are good at jobs involving visual thinking - computer-aided design, architectural modeling, industrial design, etc.

For example, in 2008, a fellow of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Wendy Jacob founded a studio where she worked with autistic individuals to create radically new art and design solutions in the field of interior design and the design of everyday objects specifically for people with autism spectrum disorders. This is the beginning of a niche market.

Autistic individuals are also good at work associated with fulfilling certain actions at certain times. Autistic individuals do not need a team and can work quite effectively in isolation.
However, work related to rapid processing of information in short-term working memory is not suitable for them. They should avoid such areas as history, political science, business, philology, or higher mathematics.


GreenPrincess1993 said...

hello. i have autism symptoms but not yet diagnosed. im 18. my favrite color is green. please folllow me back!

Bullet said...

To be fair I think all Harold was doing was wondering why the article didn't talk about all of the spectrum. Why it left out those who have very severe difficulties. Which is fair enough. I've read far worse things.