Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mainstream Media Autism Ignorance: Lovaas Passing, US Senate Hearings on Possible Environmental Causes of Autism Go Unmentioned

Many parents of autistic children do not look to the mainstream media (MSM)  for autism information.  For good reason. They are unlikely to learn anything about autism  from MSM sources.

Most of us learned long, long ago that the mainstream media focuses on feel good stories, Temple Grandin, Rainman, Sigourney Weaver, Clare Danes, and the latest  person with very high functioning autism or Aspergers  to declare that "WE" don't want to be cured, from Jim Sinclair, to Michelle Dawson, Amanda Baggs,  Alex Plank, JE Robison and of course the very well connected young university student Ari Ne'eman. The MSM love to report the Offit Script over and over that vaccines are beautiful and that an autism vaccine connection has been disproved for ever and ever after. The MSM dutifully reports that autism is genetic, that parents of autistic children  are emotional even hysterical, irrational and a danger to public health.

Amazingly, apart from a few local NBC outlets,  the passing of Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas, the man whose work and studies, had such great and positive impacts on the lives of autistic children, has gone unmentioned. So too, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, Subcommittee on Children's Health which is examining  potential environmental factors of autism is also unreported in  the MSM. After decades of news reports on the genetic bases of autism high level US hearings on possible environmental causes of autism do not warrant any coverage by the MSM.

Of course it may not be the fault of the MSM. After all the MSM journalists may simply be ignorant of autism realities and over reliant on Hollywood and pharmaceutical industry press releases and the Offit  Script.  How could they  know anything of Lovaas or environmental factors of autism or appreciate the significance of either, particularly when it appears,  the marketing arms of  Hollywood and the pharmaceutical industry saw no advantage to  promoting either of  these important autism developments.


Autism Mom Rising said...

I had to stop thinking about MSM Syderman, Offit all of it. When that GFCF study came out showing no benefit, you know the Autism/GFCF study that EXCLUDED those kids with GI problems, that just broke me. Who designs an Autism/GFCF study and EXCLUDES those kids with GI problems? Yet, it's conclusion was splashed all over the MSM. I was so angry that my anger became distracting so I had to let it go.

For me this is not about ideology or wanting to be right - it is about if something were to happen to my husband and myself and our son had to live in a facility the WOULD NOT keep him on his necessary GFCF diet because "the study" shows no benefit. He would fall apart in at least 10 different ways and they'd drug him out of his mind for what is a cerebral allergy to food! Believe me, nobody would keep their child on this diet for years and years unless it were yielding drastic benefits.

It blows my mind how negligent researchers and the MSM can be. I don't focus on this stuff on my blog because I need a place where I can get away from the autism controversies, but they remain very much on my mind nevertheless

Anonymous said...

I was at the genetics appointment today with my son. the doctor told me they really do not know what causes autism. he said some maybe genetics and most environmental. as he told me he said off record possible vaccination but it is not proven. I wanted to ask more question about it but he just told me he has other patient. Yeh, well lets put out head into the sand and cover up others fault and let these kids suffer along with their parents who are trying to make things better for them.