Friday, August 13, 2010

Autism Dangers Result in Lives Lost to Autism

In Jabberwocky of the Day : Don't Speak Ill of Autism  MJ  has provided a clear and concise picture of the dangers that often accompany autism disorders.  He did so in response to a comment by Kevin Leitch, aka Kev,  at LBRB who has criticized Ginger Taylor for launching a new site called Lives Lost to Autism.  Mr. Leitch has a long history of romanticizing "autism" and criticizing anyone who views autism disorders as   ...  disorders.  I agree with MJ's critique of Kev's views as "just plain silly" in so far as they complain of unfairness to "autism" a mental disorder, not an entity or person. In describing the dangers that accompany autism disorders MJ states:

"Autism is not a good thing and has in fact directly caused many deaths.

Let me put it this way, if someone dies as a direct result of being shot would you try to claim that it was the bullet and not the person pulling the trigger that is to blame? In a similar fashion, autism robs people of abilities or facilities that they would normally be expected to have and it is this lack that can directly lead to death.

Autism can prevent children from understanding their environment and that lack of understanding can very easily be fatal. Autism can easily prevent people from being able to understand what effect their actions have on others and thus lead to their deaths. This likely happened in the case of Sky Walker - do you think he killed his mother or was it his autism that lead to her death?

I have seen many attempts to whitewash the spectrum but this one takes the cake".

I have added the bold emphasis in the above quote.  I have commented several times on this site of the time when my son Conor  left our home without me realizing he had gone. I had received a business call and was on the phone when he left. I thought I would hear him if he went out but I was wrong. When the call ended and I looked for Conor he was nowhere to be found.  I ran around our house and yard before calling 911 and being directed to a nearby convenience store. He had crossed a busy parking lot and street oblivious to the dangers of automobile traffic before a good citizen stopped and took him to the convenience store and safety.  As the adult responsible for him that day I felt intense fear and guilt that I will never, ever forget. Conor, because of his autistic disorder, does not understand and appreciate the many dangers of our everyday environment.  Autism is very, very dangerous for many autistic children.

In starting the Lives Lost to Autism site Ginger Taylor is performing a valuable service to autistic children and their families reminding us of the very dangerous realities that often accompany autism disorders.Thank you Ms Taylor. And thank you MJ for your clear statement about the realities of autism dangers. Kev, well, you have a good day Kev, And may you someday wake up and quit romanticizing autism disorders.

NOTE: Since publishing this comment I have also read, and recommend, Wade Rankin's discussion of this matter at LOST LIVES, CRIMINAL INDIFFERENCE, AND HYPOCRISY.  


Anonymous said...

I agree. People need to stop romanticizing and whitewashing autism as something wonderful. It seems the same usual suspects are guilty of this. Estee Klar, Kristina Chew, Kev L., Casdok and others. The only reason seems to be some desperate need for attention. They'd be better off examining what is lacking in their own lives and why they need such constant attention from people off the internet. Savy parents know not to listen to these misfits but there are some who sady fall for their baloney.

farmwifetwo said...

I registered mine with the OPP today. I thought it had been done - had talked to an officer we knew and he said he would - but all that was there was "tends to call 911". This time his dx was put in, all of us were "flagged" to him.

He's off to a new school, different county in town, in a few weeks. A school that has more support, but also more ways to vanish. He had vanished before at his old one. Not enough supports, finally put up a fence... of course it was his fault... not the 2 adults and 200 kids ratio... sigh... I cannot send a SSAH pd respite worker to school... can send one to camp... but not school... they won't fund it... So... we take our chances with his safety from the moment he goes on the bus, until the moment he comes home.

I've had mine vanish a couple of times on the farm. It's the longest 15min of your life. Ironically, he's not the least bit lost, he knows exactly where he is b/c we take him around in the gator daily. He just wanted to see something....

The flag is only for a year... I go back next Aug to redo it.

Autism isn't "wonderful". If it was I wouldn't have had to sit in the OPP office this morning...

Stranded said...

My worst nightmares are related to my son's wandering with no regard for his safety. It is a very scary thing to live with that right now few people understand because they like to blame it on him being "too young".

Aasa said...

Only as recently as today, another child with autism was found wandering around city streets with no shoes on. Luckily, passersby realized that he needed assistance and held him until the appropriate agencies arrived to assist him. Later, he was reunited with his family.