Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conor's Toy Story 3 Movie Place Adventure

Almost a month ago we took Conor to see SHReK in the local Empire theater. It was Conor's first visit to a theater in a few years and it went very well.  We weren't sure  though if it was a fluke or not so today we went again; this time to see Toy Story 3. Woody and Buzz  are a couple of Conor's old favorites. It went very, very well. Conor was not in the least bit agitated.  He laughed out loud during the movie and had lots of fun. In the combined picture above Conor smiles and points out some familiar faces Woody and Mr. Potato Head.

Conor was happy, very happy,  and Mom and Dad loved every minute of Conor's Toy Story 3 movie place adventure.


Mom on a Mission said...

This is wonderful to read Harold -- thanks for sharing!

Mom on a Mission said...

This is wonderful news to read Harold! Thanks for sharing.

Stranded said...

I am waiting for the long weekend to be over to take Khaled on his first theatre trip too. He has the other two films literally memorized.

He does get too emotionally involved in the movie (like he will cry out loud and scream in pain almost when someone is scared/angry/left behind or some climactic scene....and it takes him a few minutes to recover.

I heard there are some sad bits in this movie, so I am a bit worried about that.

John Robison said...

That's a great story. Good for Conor!

Best wishes to you and your family,
John Robison

Anonymous said...

I love these new adventures for Conor and you folks!!
We're taking Justin on the week-end. He is coventing his movie passes from Dr. Hatheway for keeping his braces in good shape...and plans to use them for TS3.


Anonymous said...

We have seen the movie with our son too, every last part of it...especially the credits at the end. This is a great family outing with his siter(we have very few of those). I am glad your son enjoys it too.


dining table said...

Thank you for sharing Harold. It is really wonderful news. I watched the part one and two of the Toy Story. My family loves it. We are going to watch Toy Story 3 this coming Sunday.