Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conor's Last Day at Nashwaaksis Middle School

Conor and Mom wore their finest Shrek Green T shirts as Conor headed off for his last day at Nashwaaksis Middle School.  Middle school has been a great time for Conor.  He loves going to school and he was a bit anxious yesterday knowing it was his last day. 

In the final picture Conor poses with Brad Daniels,  the Education Assistant who has worked with Conor for most of the past three years.  Brad has been absolutely outstanding working with Conor. I really can't put enough emphasis on what a great contribution he has made to Conor's life as  Conor began his journey through the physical and emotional challenges of adolescence (you can see by these and many pictures that Conor has had a significant growth spurt).  Brad has excellent training from the UNB-CEL Autism Intervention Training program and experience working with other autistic students but beyond that background his outstanding commitment and character are not easily matched.

There have been other fine Education Assistants working with Conor during Brad's breaks or when Brad was not able to attend at the school over the past three years. And he liked the staff as well. I don't even know the names of all the people that have treated Conor so well at Nashwaaksis Middle School (I will mention "Cathy" and "Mrs. Heptich"), including the many students who said hello to him and talked to him when he arrived at school.

To the fine people of Nashwaaksis Middle School a final thank you. Our buddy Conor has loved his time with you.


Claire said...

Congratulations to Conor...I wish him success in the next few years of school as well. How lucky for him that he was able to have a man as an assistant...there are few in the system and I think it's very important for the boys to have a guy around.

Stranded said...

This post makes me so happy.